On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

imageIt sure seems to be confusing, but it’s really not once you know truth from falsehood. The Governor of North Carolina would like some clarity in the judicial system to further define gender identity and bathroom use in his state. Well, maybe I can help him out, not with the clarity he seeks in the judicial system but moral clarity.

“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world it leaves to its children.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

To start things off, ‘gender’ has nothing to do with whether or not a person is male or female, ‘sex’ is the word used to describe boys and girls. The LGBTABCD and E community has highjacked another word. ‘Gender’, according to my Big Red Book, “The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language,” is defined as; any set of two or more categories, such as masculine, feminine and neuter, into which words are divided according to sex, animation, psychological associations, or some other characteristic, and that determine agreement with or the selection of modifiers, referents, or grammatical forms. Yes boys and girls, ‘gender’ has to do with grammar, not genitalia.

If the Governor of North Carolina really wants clarity and get a good grip on this transgender issue he must go back in time to the 1940’s and read up on the fraudulent information or ‘facts’ gathered in the book “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” by the bi/homosexual, sadomasochist Alfred Kinsey. It was the major influence on the Supreme Court’s sodomy decision in 2003, Lawrence vs. Texas.

Along with the Kinsey ‘facts,’ Justice Kennedy found that the Constitution embodies a right to private homosexual acts with both the commencement and expelling end of the human digestive system’s alimentary canal. He found this bit of information in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. I looked and looked and looked for where the Constitution said it’s okay to have anal and oral sex but I couldn’t find it. I once looked and looked and looked for the right to have an abortion and couldn’t find that either. (Funny , I did find the second amendment which was very clear and to the point, especially about infringement, yet I’m not allowed to own or possess a firearm in NYC without paying a lot of money. I also lack a good moral character. I digress) I also found that sodomy or performing sex acts with the human digestive system was prohibited back when the founders wrote up the Constitution. So I would think that if they disapproved of this degenerate and disgusting behavior back then why would they put it in the Bill of Rights? (Note: many laws are written on the basis of ‘disgust,’ such as defecating in a public street.) If the governor of North Carolina also can’t find this information about sodomy in the Bill of Rights he can write to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the Justice Department. I have a feeling that she and the President know all about this stuff.

So far we have several instances of outright lies, falsehood and misinformation that should help the governor of North Carolina to achieve some clarity on this toilet issue. The word ‘gender’ is a bunch of baloney; Alfred Kinsey’s book is a bunch of baloney; a Supreme Court Decision based on information not found in the Bill of Rights is a bunch of baloney; and using the digestive system as a double ended vagina is nuts today as it was until 1973 when a mob of violent bi\homosexual thugs demanded that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) remove “homosexuality” from the list of psychological disorders in is Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. And with the waving of the psycho-wand, homosexuals were as normal as apple pie.

Language or the lack of it makes humans easy to control – control their language and you control the people, said George Orwell in his book “1984.” Words evolve; homosexual, fag, and queers evolved to a more friendly word, ‘gay.’ ‘Homosexual’ was replaced with ‘pedophile’ whenever the media wrote a story about Catholic priests abusing children, even after it was found that over 80% of the abusive priests where homosexuals, not pedophiles. The terms ‘anal sex,’ and ‘oral sex’ almost give some sort of legitimacy to these degenerate acts of the sodomite. And with gay marriage a man or woman can be a ‘wife’ or a ‘husband.’ Pronouns cannot transform their gender into something they are not.

Lets see what else is there to make things more clear.

The Civil Rights Act outlaws discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, and sex in public accommodations. It doesn’t mention homosexuals or transsexuals, lesbians or bicycles, and the word ‘sex’ means male or female, the real deal male or female, not the imagined one inside some lunatics head. But that means absolutely nothing to Al Sharpton’s girlfriend, U.S Attorney Loretta Lynch, a negro woman who should know better. Loretta has threatened the governor of North Carolina, she said she was going to send her colleagues at the Civil Rights Division to the governors mansion and have them break all his windows if he doesn’t comply, (sorry, I take that back, that’s not true, that’s a different organization that breaks windows and destroys businesses if the owners don’t pay a protection fee) Loretta’s gang will curtail federal funding to North Carolina, and that’s a whole different ballgame than how the mafia would handle this toilet protection problem. Anyway, I looked, and looked, and looked and I couldn’t find in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 anything about mentally impaired men who think they are a woman, having the right to take a crap in the ladies room because they felt that that is where it should be dumped.

Isn’t it amazing that so many highly educated Americans can read a document or a law and find things in them that don’t really exist, like a woman living inside the body of a man trying to escape and go to the bathroom of her choice, which brings us to some other issues that the governor of North Carolina may want to look into for more clarity.

Former John Hopkins psychiatrist Paul McHugh said that transgenderism is a ‘mental disorder’ that merits treatment (not encouragement as does Loretta and Barry from Honolulu) and sex change is ‘biologically impossible’ and people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder. The American College of Pediatricians warns that the transgender programming of children is child abuse and to declare a child to be a ‘transgender’ in need of chemical and surgical mutilation is a crime against children.

The gay community will straighten all this nonsense out with a few well placed threats, (as they did back in 1973).

Well I hope some of this information is helpful to the governor of North Carolina. Clarity comes through knowledge. Understanding the overall picture of the gay agenda is crucial in defeating this insanity that began with the 60’s generation’s acceptance of permissiveness and hedonism.

Someone has to tell them ‘no.’ “The buck stops at the shitter.” There is no reason why sodomites should be allowed to marry, or men and women, under the LGBTABCD and E banner allowed to adopt children, or openly serve in the military, or given any special rights. Sodomy is a perverted and degenerate behavior and should be recognized for what it is, as should the people practicing this behavior. Most importantly the American people must recognize that Bill Clinton told the truth (even though he didn’t know it) when he told the world he did not have sex with that woman. Why? Because that was her head. And when the gay community wants to go to the ‘head,’ use the appropriate one designated ‘Male’ or ‘Female.’

Then watch the tantrum.


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