Throwing Trannies Under the Bus

imageJoe is a lawyer, a conservative commentator and a Starship Commander like Captain Kirk.  And why not? One can be all they can be, not only in the army, but in one’s own mind just by thinking whatever it is they want to be. Maybe we don’t have Starships as the Enterprise, but so what, we can still play make-believe. Joe is also gay or homosexual. Supposedly he has sex with men, but the fact is humans do not have sex with the commencement and expelling ends of the digestive system of other humans, they make-believe they do. Joe is also married. He makes-believe he is either the husband or the wife, I’m not sure which. Joe lives in fantasy land.

As a gay man in America and a card carrying member of the LGBTABCD and E lobby, Joe is very happy that the “great noble cause ” of homosexual rights has been won. They can adopt little boys and girls, sodomy has been decriminalized and accepted by many Americans as ‘normal’, they can openly serve in the military, and live the American dream of getting married and settling down to raise a family. They can also threaten and coerce businesses with impunity to comply with their agenda, and soon they will demand that there be no age of consent in regard to ‘sexual’ relations. Little boys will be fair game as in Afghanistan. America will be more worldly and sophisticated, excluding human decency and disgust?

Joe got his and now he wants to get rid of the transgender community from the LGBTABCD and E community. Drop the “T” from the movement. Joe says that the “Ts” are no longer working toward the same goals as the “Ls and Gs.” So much for inclusiveness.

Joe says that the “Ts” are working against their biology and trying to change who they are physically, “Gs and Ls” are trying to be nobody but themselves and are not seeking hormone treatments and cut&paste surgery. But Joe, aren’t the gays also working against their biology? And Joe, aren’t gays also working against human anatomy? Don’t gay men realize where exactly they put their penis when they have so-called ‘sex’ with another man?  And Joe, if a transgender ‘man’ becomes a ‘woman’ through hormone treatments and cut&paste surgery, and then finds a nice boy and they get married and have sex, and the transgendered woman still has ‘his’ prostate and lacks fallopian tubes and eggs and his breasts are really made from Tub and Tile silicone caulking, aren’t they really nothing more than two happily married homosexual males having sex, same as you and your male wife or husband? Think about that for awhile Joe, along with the characters found in science fiction

Trannies and gays have much in common, just living in the same fantasy world should be reason enough for them to stick together in the “great noble cause” of attaining special rights, and of course they should also stick together both orally and anally. The trannies fantasy of thinking they are a woman or a man and therefore they are because they identify with that certain gender can also be very useful for the gay movement. What if your male husband or wife declares that he or she is really straight and no longer gay but continues to stay married to his gay man; think of the implications and what fun and confusion the LGBTABCD and E community could have with this social construct.

Joe, you speak of marriage and how it has evolved over the years, from arranged marriages, interracial marriages and same-sex marriages. Shouldn’t this evolution continue? Or are you that selfish you would deny Chaz Bono from marrying Caitlyn Jenner? The LGBTABCD and E lobby should fight for them. Remember it’s about love too.

Joe, today you will throw the trannies under the bus, and tomorrow it will be the “Bs.” The bisexual; one moment they are heterosexual, the next moment they are homosexual. They sound very much the same as the trannies who sometimes feel they are a woman and other times they feel like a man. Of course their big difference is that the “B” wants to have an orgasm with anyone available, and the “T” simply wants to take a dump in the ladies room.

Have no fear Joe, the inclusion of trannie rights to allow boys to share bathrooms and locker rooms with girls, or men to use the ladies bathroom at Target would not be asking too much of America. They have accepted the gay community with open arms, especially marriage, with help from the Supreme Court and the Obergefell ruling. So stick with the “Ts” Joe. With advice from the LGBTABCD and E lobby and a little strong arm help from the Supreme Court and the President, they too will have a seat at the table, and elsewhere.

Joe, has any American said anything bad about David Furnish, Elton John’s husband, and David having gay fun with two other gay men in a kiddie pool filled with olive oil? Of course not, and they are not concerned with where a man takes a dump either. Your being paranoid Joe, this usually happens when an organization becomes too big and powerful as is the LGBTABCD and E lobby. Relax Joe, take it easy, the gay agenda isn’t going to unravel as would a free-wheeling roll of toilet paper behind the closed doors of a bathroom stall.

And Joe, you are very wrong when it comes to kids and the transgender movement and the homosexual agenda.  Proclamations about gender identity and ‘sex’ with the human digestive system can be confusing at a young age and this is why Sir Elton John, a Knight of the Royal Family of England, was very concerned about his husband’s olive oil tryst with two other men. Sir John (who really should be a Dame) didn’t want his two sons, ages two and four, to be exposed to the homosexual lifestyle of their daddy, nyet, not yet. Sir John should not be ashamed of them knowing of their daddies behavior or their ‘sexual’ behavior at any age. Listen to the words of Chairman Mao, “Give to me all your five year olds and I will rule the world in twenty years.” Good advice I think, don’t you Joe? You already practice Marxism by taking scientific truths and distorting them to fit your agenda. Why stop there? The little kiddies will get over their confusion, or your confusion, and accept all you proclaim as true. Begin teaching them now,  and continue to lay your foundation on the sands of the LGBTABCD and E agenda.

Keep your brothers and sisters of the trannie world close to you and under the protective wing of the LGBTABCD and E lobby. Together all of you, along with your movement, can go where men dared not go before; the ladies room to take a crap.

An analysis of:

“Gay, transgender movements need a divorce: Column” by Joseph R. Murray II

USA TODAY February 28, 2016



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