Ten Dollars for SEAL PAC

The following is a letter to be sent to Congressman Ryan Zinke, former Commander at Seal Team Six.

Dear Representative Zinke:

Enclosed is a check for ten dollars, it’s not much but it is an indication that I support your mission to inflict damage on the liberal Democrats. (Living in New York City, I must warn you sir, to use the phrase “to inflict damage on the liberal Democrats” could be cause for NYC government officials, due to the violent nature of the phrase, to label you as a person who lacks a good moral character, which could lead to the loss of some of your rights listed in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. (See my book “How to Solve a Noise Problem in New York City”) I digress.

In the last mid-term election we were told that President Obama’s liberal agenda would be confronted after gaining complete control of the Senate and House of Representatives. The people voted but nothing has changed. The President and the liberal Democrats do what they please with no opposition. It’s difficult supporting empty words and promises.

You mention that veterans are much more likely to understand what it is to keep America strong and free, unlike career political opportunists like Barack Obama. America must be energy independent, we must control our borders and deal with illegal immigrants, we must recognize and destroy our Islamic enemy, and maintain our privacy and freedoms along with our free-market economy.

All of the above are worthy goals to keep America strong and free, but without virtue which is conduct that reflects universal principles of moral and ethical excellence essential to leading a worthwhile life and to effective self-government, America will not become great and special again but continue on the road it’s on to become a great cesspool of waste with a degenerate people who have much in material wealth and unbridled freedom. They will have a strong military to defend a country no longer worth fighting for. Americans and especially their government are having problems distinguishing right from wrong behavior. American leadership must step up and confront, without political correct speech, a very special issue not debated but imposed upon the American people.

Reluctantly I say, I would not fight or serve this country in the military. I couldn’t recommend to my nephew or my neighbors son to serve as I had once served in Vietnam almost fifty years ago. Why risk life and limb for a country so off its tracks? But this is wrong thinking, and it’s an attitude that would be welcomed by President Obama and the liberal Democrats. It would be a declaration of defeat and surrender.

The Navy SEAL’s creed follows.

“I will never quit. I persevere and thrive on adversity. My Nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies. If knocked down, I will get back up, every time. I will draw on every ounce of strength to protect my teammates and to accomplish our mission. I am never out of the fight.”

One does not have to be a Navy SEAL to live according to this creed. Any American who gives a damn about this country and its history or their wife and children and family can adopt and live by this creed. And in one word, the Navy SEAL’s creed was once spoken at the Battle of the Bulge in World War II: “NUTS.”

Enormous damage can be inflicted on liberal Democrats with words used as bludgeons and battle-axes, open debate on paper is part of the American way, so for Christ’s sake, let us all use the First Amendment as it was intended.

“Bacha bazi,” the interpretation from Persian, the language spoken in Afghanistan, is “playing with boys.” It’s the abusing of prepubescent and adolescent boys; dressing them up as women, having them dance, and then raping them. This is the culture we defend, and the Taliban, who we fight against, when they came to power in 1994 made a law forbidding such practice. They recognized right from wrong behavior, as did Green Beret Sergeant First Class Charles Martland.

The young boy was about twelve years old. He was chained to a bed for seven days and sexually abused by Abdula Rahman, the local Afghan National Police chief who worked with the Special Forces team in the area. The boy’s mother pleaded with the Police Chief to let her son go. Abdul Rahman beat her and kept her son.

The mother and son, after this horrible ordeal was over, went to the Special Forces unit where SFC Martland was stationed to report this abuse by the police chief. Apparently the mother believed the Americans shared a universal principle of moral and ethical excellence. The boy was examined and abuse from a hideous sexual practice was determined. The Special Forces team ordered the police chief to their base. When accused of raping the boy by anal sex, Abdul Rahman laughed and admitted he was a child rapist. SFC Martland and another Green Beret roughed up the police chief and told him to stay away from the boy and the mother. They probably should have called the police and had formal charges made, but according to the U.S. State Department 2013 report, the Afghan National Police “raped children with impunity.” Why bother to report the incident.

The following day the Special Forces team was lifted out by helicopter, relieved of their command for imposing their morals and ethics upon our friends and allies in the war on terrorism. I wonder what happened to the young boy and his mother, it must have been terrifying for them when the American Green Berets were gone and there was no one to protect them from Abdul Rahman. SFC Martland would be discharged from the Army for roughing up a child rapist.

I wonder what would have happened to Mike McQueary if he stopped Jerry Sandusky from having anal intercourse with a young boy in a shower at Penn State? Would he be punished in some manner for interrupting a legal and accepted sex act in American culture between two males? Mr. McQueary didn’t know the age of the boy. Would he be punished for roughing up Sandusky? McQueary made a moral decision not to intervene, unlike SFC Martland and his Special Forces team who felt they had no choice but to respond. And good for them. Sandusky would be convicted of indecent assault and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse. The boy didn’t say “yes.” He would also be greatly rewarded with $211,000 from Pennsylvania’s government pension system, along with a monthly benefit of $4,900 while in prison.

And what do Catholic homosexual priests from the 1970’s, Jerry Sandusky, the President of the United States, liberal Democrats, U.S. Military leaders and many American people have in common? They believe in anal sex, they believe that human beings actually have ‘sex’ with the human digestive system. They believe that the commencement and expelling ends of the alimentary canal are the equivalent of the female reproductive organ. They believe that anal sex or deviate sexual intercourse is virtuous conduct that reflects universal principles of moral and ethical excellence essential to leading a worthwhile life and to effective self-government, as does Abdul Rahman.

As long as the homosexual agenda is recognized as being legitimate in American culture; their gay sex, gay marriage, child adoption, transgender cut and paste operations, bisexual licentiousness, and the dehumanizing of man, America will be no different than Abdul Rahman’s world, even when you successfully achieve the goals of energy independence, control of the borders, destroying our Islamic enemy, and maintaining our freedoms and free-market system.

America will not be worth defending if we forget the following uncompromising words:

“Whoever receives one child in my name receives me; but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Those who punished Sergeant First Class Martland and all those who defend the gay agenda through law and executive orders as well as whoever plugged in the rainbow colored lights at the White House, are guilty of misguiding children and contribute to their abuse. They have accepted the gay agenda. They have accepted gay sex. And I’m sure they practice what they preach, as did former President of the United States of America William Jefferson Clinton, a great and admired liberal Democrat.

The goals of SEAL PAC, if accomplished, will help make America strong and free, but its people will live in spiritual poverty. Who wants to live in the world of Abdul Rahman?

The ten dollars is not for America to become strong and free, it’s for getting our priorities straight and getting into the real fight protecting both present and future generations of children, and not just American children, all children.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King.

Sincerely yours,

Paul J. Farrell


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