The Metamorphosis

Once upon a time, boy and girls, before the Bible was written and before God’s reality introduced the dinosaurs (which was a big mistake later corrected) there existed strange human-like creatures. They were round like a ball, had four arms and hands and four legs and feet. They had one head with two faces looking opposite ways that were precisely alike with two ears and eyes each and a nose and mouth and they had privy members. These earliest human-like creatures were of three combinations: male-male, male-female, and female-female. They were very powerful, and the gods were in fear of their strength. It was decided to cut them in two. Divide and rule. Is this a true story?



There is clear evidence that these creatures, from Plato’s imagination, may have actually existed. All over the planet earth, we find these separate male and female creatures attempting to become one again, and in the process create more male and female creatures. Sometimes many creatures are born all at once. These are called twins, triplets and tuplets. They are believed by some in the science community to be the mythical attached male-male, female-female creatures from long ago, but now separate. They also believe that these creatures existed from the clear evidence of newborns joined at the hip and or head.

So boys and girls, as in any artistic creation, some things don’t work very well together, such as colors and shapes and especially square pegs and round holes. Change is inevitable and is part of the process. The dinosaurs were erased from the canvas with fire and evolution and changed into birds, and the human-like creatures were split in half. God corrected reality with Adam and Eve. One man and one woman, separate and almost but not quite equal. God kept it simple, so God thought.

The big question in any maternity ward use to be: Is it a boy or a girl? Such an easy question to answer, one may think. If wrapped in a blue blanket it’s a boy, and in a pink blanket it’s a girl. Take the kid home and raise it accordingly.


X and Y chromosomes at one time also did the job. Males were XY friendly and females were XX friendly, but that has changed and is no longer foolproof in the enlightened 21st Century.  Which is what, or what is which? What appears to be masculine or feminine may not be so. Nyet, nyet, nyet, not anymore.

Freud brought up the interesting idea on how to determine the sex of a person by taking a good look at the reproductive organ. Males, who have a penis, will be masculine and called boys, and females who do not have a penis, and are extremely jealous and envious of this fact, will be feminine and called girls. It was an idea that was around for a very long time before Mr. Freud’s female penis envy assumption.

And today, boys and girls, the creatures are back, not the dinosaurs, which would be very exciting, but Plato’s male-female creatures. Freud said that within every man there is an inner woman and within every woman there is an inner man. It’s very difficult exposing these inner characters. We can’t really see the innards of a person. We would have to take a person’s word that there was a male inside or a woman inside, but not everyone tells the truth about these things, especially newborn infants. The LGBTABCD and E boys and girls would run with Freud’s little sentence. And once again we’re all off onto the road of confusion.


Gay men do not have sex with other men, they have sex with the imaginary inner Frauline within the other male, and it’s the same for women who have sex with the imaginary inner Herr of the other woman. If only the imaginary inner Mr. and Mrs. could be gotten out of the body and into the gay communities reality, life would be so much more simple and understanding, unlike God’s reality.

And yes, boys and girls, science and the modern world has found a way for the innards to be free at last. The Sex Change Hospital in Trinidad, Colorado fulfills the dreams of men becoming women and women becoming men. Cut and paste operations and mutilations provide the necessary accessories for men to be women, and for women to end their penis envy that is so difficult to bear. Concoctions of hormones are drunk to femaleize the male and maleize the female. Life is good in America where nature’s God no longer inscribes a man or woman’s identity. We can all be whatever we wish, or whatever we imagine we are.


Imagine one’s gay male partner disappearing for a few weeks, and coming home in the external body of what was once his inner woman. No longer would they have to bear the stigma of being a homosexual couple. They would be man and ‘some sort of woman.’ And in recognition of Black History Month: They would be free at last, thank god they are free at last.

Kafka’s Gregor Samsa looked in the mirror one morning and saw a disgusting, bad smelling, fluid emitting, hideous looking bug with long legs and antenna. It was him, a changed man, now a bug. Who is to say that this never happened? Why can’t we assign ourselves such an identity? Think boys and girls, what it must be like to be transformed as by magic or sorcery and able to walk on walls and ceilings.


And how do we protect all this fiction and falsity from the unbelievers of man’s new reality? That’s right, boys and girls, through the rule of law and human rights, the idea that has made America great. A Transgender and Heterhomorphic Law that allows gender identity and unrestricted gender expression acknowledging that all men are not created equal, some are more equal than others, and all persons can be all they can be, and whatever and whoever they think they are. Got that?

The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act or GENDA is the law of New York, and we will obey the law, or else. Under the law, no one is required to conform to their anatomical sex appearance. If a male desires to be female for a day, he will be addressed as a she, or a ze, or a hir, not as a him or he. He will not be required to wear pants or ties. He will dress as he pleases and not be harassed. He is not required to wear a name tag with his real name if he wishes to use another, such as ‘Jane’ to replace ‘John.’ He can use the personal pronoun Mrs. instead of Mr. and use any gym locker room or toilet. What freedom to be able to go to the male or female toilet whenever one pleases, depending on how they feel at the moment of bladder or colon desire and fulfillment.


Note: The intentional refusal to recognize these civil rights by those who are less equal than others, they will be subject to fines from $125,000 to $250,000. Our leaders and lawmakers, as if by magic and sorcery, deem all this to be so.

gender; 1. Grammer. a. Any set of two or more categories, such as masculine, feminine, and neuter, into which words are divided according to sex, animation, psychological associations, or some other characteristic. and that determine agreement with or the selection of modifiers, referents, or grammatical forms.

Remember boys and girls when grammatical gender had to do with words, when it was a system of noun classification that included masculine and feminine categories. Masculine nouns were words for men, boys and male animals. Feminine nouns were words for women, girls and female animals.

Some examples are: bridegroom, bride; brother, sister; dad, mum; father, mother; husband, wife; son, daughter. Some nouns can be used for both masculine and feminine; baby, child, infant, parent, ….. and teacher.

But that was yesterday when Adam and Eve and God’s reality made more sense than man’s present day reality.




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