“How to Solve a Noise Problem in New York City” A Book Review

image“It was a quiet summer and I continued to practice my writing, concentrating on my commas, spelling and other punctuation along with not breaking sentences in two and making sure weather or not to use a parenthetical expression nonetheless it was also a very sunny and warm summer and it hardly ever rained or got cold and I concentrated on how to avoid sentences that run on and on and on which can make a paragraph really seem to be out of control. And very difficult to pay attention to!”

That’s quite a sentence taken from the heart of “How to Solve a Noise Problem in New York City” and it expresses what it’s like writing letters to and dealing with indifferent socialist government agencies attempting to solving a quality of life problem in a city where those who disturb the peace have special rights.

This ‘how to’ book is worth purchasing just for the opportunity of possessing this run on sentence to read to friends. “How to Solve a Noise Problem in New York City” is an e-book, therefore it’s cheap and well in the affordable range for those living in American poverty, the wealthy and all those in between. There is no excuse for not purchasing “How to Solve a Noise Problem in New York City,” except for the fact that one does not really get a real book. But for the well under $5 price tag and free shipping to anywhere in the world, it’s a bargain.

So what’s the book all about? I would suggest buying and reading it. That’s the best way. Book reviewers, in my opinion, are not to be trusted, especially those having close ties with the author. But to wet one’s literary appetite, I will tell you this: Humiliation can lead to violence.

Imagine an American Legion post in a residential neighborhood abusing a family and their two small children with their loud weekend parties. Imagine the Legion members, American military veterans not giving a damn about this family or any of their neighbors. Imagine a fellow veteran building his home next door to this Legion post and also being abused with the loud weekend parties, lied about to other veterans, the police department, government officials and politicians, and once again the American Legion not giving a damn.

How should one deal with and defend one’s home, property and reputation from a handful of New York City pricks protected by a corrupt and indifferent New York City government? With pen or sword?

Read the book and you decide.

Find and purchase at Barnes&Noble Nook Books or at




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