Was Abraham Lincoln Happy?

Clinical psychologist C.A. Tripp wrote a book about Abraham Lincoln asking the question: Was Abe Gay?image

C.A. Tripp was a close associate of Alfred C. Kinsey. He was Mr. Kinsey’s child pornography photographer. Mr. Tripp was also a homosexual zoophile who loved dogs in unusual ways. Kinsey and Tripp both taught that the goal of intercourse should be pleasure, not love, which paved the way for approving every conceivable form of noncommittal sexual activity. Alfred also recommended sexual behavior between adults and children, including incest, all which will someday begin to blossom within the gay agenda. imageAlfred believed that all forms of sodomy are natural and healthy. Alfred died in August, 1956 of pneumonia. He also had a pelvic infection that was diagnosed as orchitis. Orchitis is marked by pain and swelling of the genitals usually caused by gonorrhea, syphilis, filarial disease or tuberculosis. The condition usually follows some kind of trauma, which Alfred regularly inflicted upon himself by his compulsive genital self-mutilation and other sado-masochistic behaviors. Susan Brinkmann, “Alfred C. Kinsey and American Sex Ed”

What is the purpose of Mr. Tripp’s book? Is it to expose Abraham Lincoln as a homosexual? Or is it to connect the homosexual agenda with the civil rights movement which Lincoln played no small part.

Was Abe gay? I doubt it. Abraham Lincoln taught himself to read and write and simple math such as 2+2=4. He was self-educated unlike the sophisticated and highly educated scientists, Alfred and Clarence, whom it could be said, didn’t know their asses from their elbows. I think Mr. Lincoln new the difference between the reproductive system and the digestive system from living on a farm. imageWith careful observation of the farm animals he would learn all about sex, reproduction and the bringing of new life into the world.
Later in life, he and his wife Mary Ann Todd would get into bed and figure it all out all by themselves, no books, no classes or formal instruction. They just did it like the human race has been doing it for centuries or eons; but then came the enlightened twentieth century when men and women became a bit confused. Anyway, I’m sure they both knew what they were doing after having four kids.

They performed as did the uneducated barnyard animals, those animals who never had sex with another barnyard animal’s digestive system, male or female. imageI’m sure Mr. Lincoln ate with his mouth which is the commencement end of the alimentary canal and went to the outhouse to defecate or empty his bowel through the rectum and anus or what is known as the expelling end of the digestive system’s alimentary canal; just like the rest of us. I’ll even bet he derived a certain amount of pleasure from both these acts, but I doubt very much that Abe would have anything to do with Alfred’s or Clarence’s idea of sexual activity and have sex with his wife’s digestive system or anyone else’s alimentary canal, male or female, human or animal.image

I think Abe knew that when he ejaculated his life giving sperm into the female organ of generation that contains the egg, that this in no way could be compared with depositing sperm into the rectum which contains feces, or the mouth which contains saliva, an aid for digestion. And to compare the rectum and the mouth to the female organ of generation as equivalent, as does Alfred C. Kinsey and Clarence A. Tripp, is an insult to every woman who has given birth, and every woman who has ever existed. Well, most of them.

imageI’m sure Abraham Lincoln was gay. He was probably festive and gleeful, jovial and lighthearted at times, and around Christmas time, he was merry. But he was not homosexual.

And remember boys and girls, there is nothing wrong with being gay, no, nothing at all.


Global Warming: Fossil Fuels the Answer

imageThe earth sits at about a 22 degree angle and spins on its axis as it flies through space in an orbit around the sun. At one time it was the other way around, the sun revolved about the earth. Whatever. Anyway, these frictional facts, the leaning and the axis spinning, and the constant exposure to the sun create a specific heat that warms the earth to a temperature that is not known to be either normal or abnormal, it’s a more or less “whatever temperature.”

The diameter of the earth’s axis is unknown because its ends are covered with ice and snow, but rough estimates by anonymous renowned geological scientists estimate that it’s about at least 173.5 to 175.8 miles in diameter and it runs from the North Pole to the South Pole as well as vice-versa, depending upon which hemisphere you live in, the upside one or the downside one.

The earth is surrounded by an atmosphere of air and other breathable elements such as oxygens, carbons and hydrogens. The earth’s spinning also causes a third frictional fact that occurs between the earth’s dirt and rocks, especially mountains, all of which rub against the atmosphere. These frictional factors are the true causes of Global Warming.

The solution to combat Global Warming actually comes from Detroit and the automobile industry. Bearings, pistons, ball joints and just about any moving part on an automobile that comes in contact with other moving parts have a tendency to heat up, and it is oil and grease that provide the solution to cool things off that have a tendency to get hot, especially when rubbed the wrong way.

The earth’s shaft, scientists estimate, if properly greased up would lower the temperature by an unknown certain amount of degrees, both Celsius and Farenheight. A thin film of oil on the earth’s surface, both land and on water, (which is really very pretty, see photo) would do the same.image This is a technique known by most sailors; how lightly oiled sails as well as a good coat of bottom slime reduces resistance and heat producing friction allowing a vessel to slip more easily through both wind and water to win races.image

Scientists estimate that with the application of this knowledge the good ship Earth would spin and fly through space far more easily producing another definite unknown reduction in the Earth’s temperature, and when added to the first mentioned unknown temperature reduction, the truth will be revealed, and we will all be back on track and on our way to some sort of degree of normalcy, or… Whatever.

White Picket Fences

imageThere is another solution HUD secretary Julian Castro may want to consider when he compels observance of, or enforces with a heavy hand, the Fair Housing Rule imposing black and brown people in high rise buildings in neighborhoods of resisting Westchester County. Instead of shipping blacks and browns, why not force suburban imagewhites to relocate to black and brown neighborhoods in New York City? Whitey could be chosen by lottery. This would leave Westchester County as is and free from what usually turns into a high rise monstrosity filled with noise, crime and drugs.
imageThe city neighborhoods
where black and brown people exist already have good transportation facilities and city services, and there are existing business opportunities just like Ferguson and Baltimore once had.

Many of whitey’s kids from Westchester County are fascinated by black culture and may even volunteer to live in a nice black or brown neighborhood. There are many advantages living in these neighborhoods, easier access to drugs, the opportunity to become a respected baby daddy or mommy several times over, join a real inner city gang, become a drug dealer, participate in drive-by shootings, and maybe get to make some rap and hip hop music based upon their authentic experiences living in a Fair Housing project.

imageThe only jobs available in Westchester County for blacks and browns with little or no education or experience is mowing lawns and weeding gardens, and the Mexicans got that all wrapped up. And they can thank HUD secretary Castro’s momma Rosie for that. She helped start the anti-white Chicano party called La Raza Unida which translated into the English language, which is the official language of Westchester County and other parts of America, means The Race United. The party was originally supposed to be for both image
blacks and browns when they formed their separate country in the southwest called Aztlan, but the blacks don’t really like the hard working, ambitious browns from Mexico because they take away all the jobs. Anyway, there are more opportunities for blacks and Browns in New York City than in Westchester County, and for whitey too.

imageBiggie Smalls made it big in Bedford-Styvesant, Brooklyn as a crack dealer and rapper. Only when he left his neighborhood, which Julian Castro wants blacks to do, did he find trouble. He ended up shot to death in Los Angeles. Biggie wrote the wonderful song “The Ten Crack Commandments.”

imageRussell Simmons was from Hollis, Queens and he made it big also. Russell sold marijuana and fake cocaine to buy and smoke angel dust and real cocaine. He even wrote a rap while imageon angel dust about a pair of sneakers that put him on the road to become a very wealthy sneaker scented black/brown man. He also made money by hustling other rappers onto the white kids who liked to act black.

imageKurtis Blow was from Harlem. He was a minister who founded the Hip Hop Ministry, hustling for the Lord. He sold marijuana and PCP in high school and worked with Al ‘Holybones’ Sharpton’s Action Network.
He got busted for possessing grass, but he still made it pretty big from within the inner city, much bigger than he would cutting grass in Westchester County

imageSlick Rick was born in England but moved, not to Westchester County but to the Bronx. and here he made it big. even while working from jail for shooting a few people, Slick Rick continued rapping. Russell Simmons visited him in Rikers Island and helped out with some bail money, and Rick was later granted a full pardon for the attempted murder charges by former New York governor Patterson, a former cocaine user, so INS or the Immigration people couldn’t deport Slick Rick who was a convicted felon.image

So you see boys and girls, there are plenty of success stories from the inner city and blacks and browns have pretty good connections for favors and stuff like that. Why would they want to live in Westchester County cutting grass for the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton? So send whitey to live with blackie and brownie and leave the people of Westchester County alone.

I wonder.

What do the yellow and red people think of all this?image

Awards and Decorations

Remember the movie “Deep Throat?” Neither do I, but Richard Cohen from the Washington Post wrote a column about a documentary on the making of the 1972 porn classic. He viewed and applauded this documentary but didn’t know why. So I told him.

Dear Richard:

Once again, I am astonished you had no idea what you were applauding when imageHarry Reems, the ‘star’ of  the “Throat” film, and others were asked to stand up in the audience for special recognition.

This documentary was about the First Amendment, it was about the Constitution, a strong Constitution, it was about a nation’s journey. It was about freedom, the freedom to express whatever it was that Harry was doing to Linda Lovelace’s head, the other imageprinciple ‘star’ of this documentary. It was about artistic freedom. Harry and Linda were artists who displayed on film a live and physical painting of affection, deep closeness togetherness and a spirituality that transcended all previous displays by the oldest profession in the world… Lovers.

imageThe big screen was their canvas, and Harry with brush in hand painted a livid scene with foggy hues and vibrant deep rich colorful colors. He created a portrait that brought forth and shoveled through to the viewer the incredible dexterity of the female epiglottis and esophagus along with the enormous self-control of Linda’s adult gag reflex and her ability to keep down her cookies.

imageThe applause was about liberty and the right to choose. It was about the justified defiance of Americans toward their government. It was about a nation telling the world that we would decide which body opening to use for our sexual pleasure. It was about birth control and the elimination of abortion. It was about fun, rapid heartbeats and the stirring of the loins. The applause was about courage, fortitude and guts. It was about trust and faith in a strange sex partner with charming straight and sharp pearly white incisors. They applauded endurance and tolerance.

They applauded because they had something to smile about. Richard Martino, a John Gotti amigo smiled. He smiled about how easy it is to lure suckers to X-rated web sites where he earned 650 million dollars in a credit card scam that revolved around pornography. The Sopranos smile as do the ladies from “Sex in the City.” imageThe applause is about the freedom to make a buck in America. It was about acceptance. Dr. Ruth applauds. Where would this Doctor be today if it wasn’t for Harry and Linda? Larry Flint and Hugh Hefner applaud. They applaud
any woman who would give them some image‘brain’ or swallow their ‘joystick’ as Snoop Dog would call it.
Bill smiles as Monica imitates. Democrats and Republicans applaud. Mr. Big imageapplauds. Alzare, the penis enlargement pill manufacturer applauds. ‘Be Your Best’ who will fill your breasts with GE’s best window and door caulking applaud. Linda lost her breasts, both from silicone injections in a failed attempt to make herself more what? Desirable? Wanted and looked at by ‘men’? She had the mouth and throat, but she needed more, she needed bigger breasts. Let’s applaud Linda for effort. And let’s smile for her dying as a penniless circus performer and raise a glass with Harry. Have another drink Harry; got milk?image

imageAlfred is dead but Kinseyians smile and applaud Harry. Alfred did to the head of his fellow researchers along with an entire generation of fools what Harry did to Linda. Let’s applaud them all. Let’s applaud pornography and its relationship to child abuse and adult abuse. Let’s applaud Alfred filming his own wife in sex acts. Let’s applaud Playboy magazine for funding the Kinsey Institute during the ‘sixties’.

And let’s give recognition to American sex education for spreading the promiscuousimage idea that kids can safely be sexy and assured as they roll on their banana/cucumber tested rubbers. Those wonderful bags that will protect Harry from gonorrhea but not the woman, nor do they prevent genital HPV, the cause of nearly all cervical cancer and linked to prostate, anal and oral cancer. Clap, clap, clap, put your hands together and give it up. Applaud HIV, chancroids, genital herpes, human papilloma virus, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomeniasis and chlamydia and the rest of the twenty five most commonly spread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). And hurrah for both ends of that alimentary canal.

So Richard, the applause was for freedom, sexual freedom, but they were all mistaken, it wasn’t freedom, it was servitude.

But let’s give Harry a medal anyway.image

An American Mess

imageThe drug cartels should be commended for their extraordinary effort and ingenuity supplying America’s Recreational Drug Users (ARDU) with image
cocaine; from women mules swallowing cocaine filled condoms and sh**ing them out when they get to the United States of America, to packets of cocaine stuffed into imported fried fish carcasses, the product arrives for the noses of Christian America.image

Just the other day I read about Prince, a very famous person, entertaining the imagePresident of the United States of America at the White House and his 500 anonymous guests, and I wondered if former Governor Patterson of New York or present day Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance were at the party.

imageElton John wasn’t there. He was in the UK chewing out some poor woman at his concert and calling her a f**king c**t. God only knows where was Boy George. Maybe he was entertaining the children of NYC Sanitation workers at a Randal Island picnic. All these people have something in common, they are all present day or former cocaine users of somebody’s cocaine.image

There is another group of people who also have something in common with somebody. Aide Nava was a 42 year old woman running for mayor in the town of Ahuacuotyyingo , Guerrero, Mexico. She had her head cut off as did the police chief of Praredis, Chihuahua, Mexico. Somebody left his head in front of the police station. A woman by the name of Marisol Valles Garcia stood up and volunteered to be the police chief of Praredis, but she had to leave with her family to hide in America after receiving threats from somebody. Another woman, Maria Santos Gorrostieta, 36 years old, was a small town mayor and outspoken critic of somebody. Somebody dumped her body in the road.image

My favorite story is about Armando ‘El Choco’ Rodriguez Carreon. He was a imagereporter who wrote stories about somebody. One morning while sitting in his car with his eight year old daughter, who he was going to take to school, somebody came and assassinated him in front of his little girl. She was not injured by the bullets, but somebody gave her a terrible wound that will stay with her for the rest of her life. Somebody did all these things.

imageSeveral Catholic bishops performed a Magno Exorcismo (great exorcism) of Mexico, a Christian country. They asked God to end the drug related violence in the country as well as abortion. Apparently they lost all faith in government to solve the somebody problem. The bishops should also come to America.

imageThere is another group of people who have something in common with all of the imageabove. They once made a mess of a man’s farm in Woodstock, New York and laid the foundation of America’s mess that exists today. They are the parents of somebody. They are the parents of America’s Recreational Drug Users.

Peace with Honor.

What Would Kermit Say

imageShe is a world famous icon, a woman who pursues her dreams and never apologizes. She is not only pro-choice, she is pro-everything and she recently received a feminist award in the Great City of New York. And who is there better to represent radical feminism and abortion than Walt Disney’s very own Miss Piggy, a sow who eats her young, girlfriend of a frog.

The following words will never come from Miss Piggy, or Carmen or from Gloria imageSteinem. They are from Alveda C. King, “How can the ‘Dream’ survive if we murder the children.” And from another woman from India, “If we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?” And from Martin Luther King, “The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety.”

Miss Piggy would, so would Gloria and Carmen. Black lives do not matter to these two women or their pig from Disneyland. Black lives do not matter to many black men and women. There are more black lives that do not matter at all and are aborted in the great City of New York than are born. Planned Parenthood, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Woman’s Equality Act” and the NAACP are Margaret Sanger’s Judas goats. Gloria and Carmen should learn from Miss Piggy one very important concept, eat what you kill.image

Not a Lion’s Pride

imageJune, traditionally associated with a June wedding of a man and a woman, but now officially by government decree in New York City, it is LGBT Pride Month. A whole month of being proud. What is it that everyone is so proud of? What is Mayor de Blasio celebrating? Is he proud that he supports those who are proud of their homosexuality? Is he proud that he supports gay sex? Is he proud that he also practices gay sex as a heterosexual, not only for himself but for the gay community? Are they all proud giving some sort of legitimacy to a secondary function for the human digestive system? What will the mayor have taught in public schools? What will the mayor and the gay community teach the children of this city? And does pride come before the fall?